how long is an average football game

how long is an average football game

How Long is an Average Football Game?

Football games are not only a popular form of entertainment, but also a beloved pastime. Every fan wants to know how long they’ll be gone on game day, and in this article we’ll break down what goes into calculating the average football game length.

Game Elements

In order to understand the length of a football game, we must first understand its components. A basic list of game elements includes:

  • Kickoff: The beginning of the game where teams exchange possessions.
  • Halftime: The mid-game break where teams get a much-needed rest period.
  • Return to Play: A second half of football where teams strive to make up their deficits or expand their leads.
  • Overtime: Extra periods in which teams that ended the game tied go head to head to decide a winner.

Average Length

Including all four of these elements, the average length of a football game is approximately three hours. It’s important to note that there are certain elements that could make this number go up or down. For example, if the game goes into overtime, you can expect it to last several minutes longer.

In some cases, like preseason games, the game may not include all of the above elements. This means that the game could potentially be shorter.


So, the next time someone asks you how long an average football game is, you have a definitive answer: three hours. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule, as some games can go longer and some games can go shorter. But no matter what, fans can rest assured that a game day will last for at least three hours of intense football action.



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