how long is college basketball game

how long is college basketball game

Understanding College Basketball Games

College basketball games are exciting and memorable events that many people look forward to every season. But, just how long can you expect a college basketball game to last?

Regular Season

The majority of college basketball games during the “regular” season will last in the range of two hours. Typically, basketball games consist of two 20-minute halves. That being said, the overall time it takes to play a sport game can be stretch out longer due to factors such as fouls and timeouts.

Postseason and National Championships

National Championship games for NCAA basketball tend to last a bit longer than games during the regular season. This is due to the various regulations that these games must abide by. Generally, NCAA Championship games are played with two halves of 20 minutes. However, after the first two halves, an additional overtime period is scheduled for 15 minutes.

Important Things to Note

Before you attend a college basketball game, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Allow Extra Time: It’s always a good idea to arrive for a game early. Once the 15-minute halftime is over, the second half will start almost immediately.
  • Warm-Up Time: Every college basketball game will start with a warm-up period of 15-30 minutes. The teams will be introducing their players and running through different drills.
  • Final Time: Lastly, if the game were to go into overtime, make sure to allow even more extra time. NCAA Championship games can last up to three hours or more due to overtime.


To sum it up, most college basketball games during the regular season will last around two hours. Postseason and National Championship games can last up to three hours or more due to overtime periods! Don’t forget to plan ahead by allowing extra time and considering the warm-up period. Enjoy the game!



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