how long is the average college football game

how long is the average college football game

How Long is the Average College Football Game?

College football games are some of the most exciting events of the season, and last for around 3 hours. However, the actual length of play within college football games can vary greatly, with many factors impacting the amount of time that goes into completing an individual game. Let’s take a look at what makes the average length of a college football game so long.


A college football game is made up of two halves, separated by halftime. In each, teams get 20 minutes to rest and re-strategize, either in the locker room or on the field. This allows players and coaches to regroup and plan, and provides fans with entertainment through halftime shows or on-field activities.


Delays in a college football game are frequent, as referees must stop play for timeouts, injury timeouts, measurement of first downs, or other occurrences. If a review is needed, the referee will delay the game even further as the replay booth works out the decision. Additionally, teams may call for additional timeouts if they feel the game is not going their way, adding to the length of the game.

How Long Does the Average College Football Game Last?

The average time for a college football game is around three and a half hours, including halftime and delays. This can, however, vary greatly depending on the two teams’ individual strategies, the competitiveness of the game, and the added breaks taken throughout the course of play.

Key Takeaways

  • A college football game is typically three and a half hours. This includes 20 minutes for halftime, plus any delays due to timeouts, replays, or injuries.
  • The time for a game can vary greatly. Factors such as strategy, competitiveness and delays can contribute to the length of the game.



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