how long is the quarry game

how long is the quarry game

How Long Does it Take to Play The Quarry?

The Quarry is a hugely popular game that has captivated both avid and casual gamers alike. However, the burning question on everyone’s minds is: How long does it take to complete the game?

The Quarry’s Length

The Quarry takes roughly 11 to 16 hours to complete in its entirety. This depends heavily on how many extra side missions the player completes, as well as their skill level. For those finishing the game for the first time, or without many prior video game experience, this can take much longer; around 20-24 hours.


The Quarry offers a fair amount of replayability, meaning that for those with the time and energy to spare, it can be played over and over. Players can face off against different enemies every time; customize their characters each instance, or simply just enjoy discovering all of the game’s secrets.

Other Factors to Consider

The length of The Quarry is influenced by a few different factors, some of which can be controlled and some of which are less fuzzy. Here are a few to consider:

  • Skill Level: Players must hone their combat skills in order to complete the game more quickly.
  • Exploration: Those interested in wrapping things up more quickly should refrain from exploring too much and staying on task.
  • Side-Missions: One can further extend the experience of the game by participating in various side-missions.


The Quarry is a fantastic game for those looking for an immersive and complex experience. Completing the game generally takes between 11-16 hours; however, this could be considerably longer depending on the player’s skill level and exploration habits. There is a lot of replayability to be found; however, those wanting to wrap up the adventure should focus on staying on task and honing their combat skills.



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