how long will high on life be on game pass

how long will high on life be on game pass

How Long Will High on Life be on Game Pass?

High on Life is an undersung gem of a game that is now available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The question many in the tech community are wondering is, how long will this free ride last? Knowing whether or not High on Life will remain on Game Pass could shape the future of the game’s popularization and adoption rate.

What We Know

We know that High on Life was released on Xbox Game Pass on June 4, 2020, making it the first-ever game to be launched simultaneously with its Xbox Game Pass debut. This is a very promising development, as it makes the game easily accessible to a much larger pool of potential players.

What we don’t know is the length of time that High on Life will remain on Game Pass. The consensus amongst industry insiders is that it’s likely that the game will stay on the service for an extended period of time, but nothing is guaranteed.

How it Could Affect the Game

Being on Game Pass could have a huge impact on High on Life’s success. The service has millions of subscribers, many of whom may never have heard of the game before. This means the game could reach an entirely new audience, potentially driving sales up and dramatically increasing the game’s fame and notoriety.

Additionally, with the game being available for a prolonged period of time, players are encouraged to invest more time into the game. This means they are more likely to invest in microtransactions and other purchases, as they already have an emotional connection to the game.


High on Life is an exciting, innovative game that is now on Xbox Game Pass and the future of the game is uncertain. How long it will stay on the service is a mystery, but industry insiders are positive that it is likely to stay for an extended period of time. Being on Game Pass could be an integral factor in the game’s success, as it already has the potential to reach an entirely new audience and increase chances of microtransactions from dedicated players.



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