how many games are in a baseball season

how many games are in a baseball season

Baseball Season

Baseball is one of America’s most beloved sports, and with any professional sports league comes a full season of thrilling games and intense rivalries. How many games are in a baseball season? Read on to find out.

American League

The American League (AL) consists of 15 teams that compete against each other in a 162-game season. The individual teams play their division rivals 19 times each and their non-division opponents 10 times. This can slightly vary depending on the year, as some teams may play up to 20 times.

National League

The National League (NL) also consists of 15 teams and also plays a 162-game season. Each team plays their division rivals 18-19 times and their non-division teams 9-10 times.


At the end of the season, the three division winners from each league plus the two wildcard teams from each league qualify for the MLB’s postseason tournament. This tournament is made up of a series of best-of-five and best-of-seven games until one team from each league is crowned World Series champion.

Overall Total

In total, each MLB team plays a total of 162 regular season games, up to 5 postseason games, as well as exhibition and spring training games. This means that an individual team’s season can consist of up to 175 games.

This number can be further increased if said team reaches the World Series, as the series is made up off a best of seven series, which can add up to 4 additional games.

So if you are considering becoming a baseball fan, be prepared for some long and exciting seasons!



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