how many games do college football teams play

how many games do college football teams play

How Many Games Do College Football Teams Play?

College football games are one of the most popular and widely watched sports in America. With the start of the college football season just around the corner, fans are curious to know – how many games do college football teams play?

Number of Games in a Season

The number of games a college football team plays in a season varies depending on the level of play they are competing in. Generally, most collegiate teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) will play a total of 12 games throughout their regular season. Some teams may also participate in additional games or post-season tournaments, such as the College Football Playoff or bowl games. These extra games appear after the regular season and would increase the number of games played.

Differences in Games by Division

The number of games played in a season also varies by level of competition. Division I teams (FBS) play a total of 12 games in their regular season. Most Division II teams play 10 regular season games. Division III teams usually play 11 regular-season games.

Differences in Games by Conference

The number of games can also vary depending on the conference a team is affiliated with. For example, teams in the Big Ten play a total of 10 regular-season games, while teams in the Southeastern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference and Big 12 usually play 11 regular-season games.

Benefits of Playing Fewer Games

Playing fewer games can help athletes maintain their health and avoid injuries that could otherwise derail their season. It also allows teams to focus on fewer opponents and better prepare for pivotal matches.

Key Takeaways

  • Most college football teams play 12 regular-season games.
  • The number of games varies depending on the level and conference of the team.
  • Playing fewer games can benefit the teams in terms of health, preparation and game performance.

College football fans have much to look forward to this upcoming season, and the number of games each team has to play is sure to be a highly debated subject. With so many teams, conferences and divisions to follow, the number of games that each one plays can be difficult to keep track of. But, the general consensus is that college football teams usually play a total of 12 regular-season games.



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