how many games has lebron missed in his career

how many games has lebron missed in his career

How Many Games Has Lebron Missed in His Career?

Lebron James is a professional basketball player playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. He is one of the most successful basketball players and has won four NBA championships and four NBA MVP awards. He has been a consistent player throughout his career and has never really suffered any major injuries that have caused him to miss significant games. So how many games has he actually missed throughout his career?

Lebron James Missed Games

Lebron James has actually missed relatively few games throughout his 17-year career thus far. In total, Lebron James has missed a total of 192 games, which breaks down to an average of 11 games per season. This total includes games that he has missed due to injury, load/rest management, and other reasons that aren’t related to injury. Of these games, the most he has missed in a single season is 25 games in the 2014-15 season, which is less than 15% of the regular season.

Causes of Missed Games

The causes of Lebron James’ missed games can be broken down into two categories: injury and load/rest management. For example, in the 2014-15 season, Lebron James missed 19 games due to injury and 6 games due to load/rest management. The most common injury that has caused him to miss games is a strained lower back, which has caused him to miss a total of 41 games during his career.

Lebron James’ Durability

Lebron James’ durability is one of the most impressive aspects of his game. He has a career-high of 76 games played in a single season and has only missed more than 20 games in a single season once. Despite his age and the physicality of the game of basketball, he continues to be one of the most durable and consistent players in the league. This is a testament to his dedication to his conditioning and health.


In conclusion, Lebron James has been very durable throughout his career and has only missed a total of 192 games in 17 seasons. He is currently in the midst of his 18th season and has not missed any games yet. His ability to stay healthy and play at a high level is one of the reasons he is considered to be one of the greatest players of all time.



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