how many games has lebron missed this season

how many games has lebron missed this season

Lebron James Missed Games

The first few months of the 2019-2020 season have been filled with speculation for basketball fans across the nation about the total number of games Lebron James will miss. With an injury to his groin that occurred in a Christmas Day game, experts were unsure how many games this would cause him to miss.

Injury Status

At the time of his injury, Lebron James had missed 17 total games. This makes him one of the most injury-prone players this season in the NBA. His initial recovery timeline was 2 to 3 weeks, however with his age and the severity of the injury, many thought he would be back on the court faster than that.

Return Timeline

Sure enough, after a full 3 week break, Lebron James made his return to the game.

Since then, he has played in a total of 21 games, making the number of games he has missed this season 38.

Positive Outcomes

Although missing so many games does not sound ideal, there have been some positive outcomes. His injury has allowed for the young players on the team to get more playing time, which has allowed them to improve and get more comfortable on the court.

Lebron also now has some time to rest and recover before the playoffs, which should help the Lakers be better prepared and even have an advantage over the other teams.


Lebron James missed a total of 38 games this season due to his groin injury. Although this is an unfortunate incident, there have been some positive outcomes that should benefit the Lakers in the long run.



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