how many games in the nhl season

how many games in the nhl season

How Many Games in the NHL Season?

The National Hockey League (NHL) season consists of three components: the regular season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and the Stanley Cup Final. The regular season is a best-of-seven series of games that determines who will advance to the playoffs. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a championship tournament that determines who will be the eventual Stanley Cup Champions.

Regular Season

During the regular season, each team plays 82 games, with games being played at both home and away venues. Every team plays 41 home games and 41 away games. The regular season is divided into two parts: the pre-season and the regular season. The pre-season consists of eight games and the regular season consists of 74 games.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin with the top 16 teams who qualified based on their regular season performance. These teams are divided into two divisions, the Eastern and Western Conference, and play a best-of-seven series. The winning team of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will take on the winner of the Stanley Cup Final in the Stanley Cup Final.

Stanley Cup Final

The Stanley Cup Final consists of a best-of-seven series of games. The two teams who made it to the Stanley Cup Final, the Eastern Conference Champion and the Western Conference Champion, will compete for the chance at the coveted Stanley Cup Trophy.


In total, the NHL season consists of 99 games, including pre-season, regular season and post-season games.

The 99 games are broken down as follows:

  • Pre-season: 8 games
  • Regular season: 74 games
  • Post-season: 17 games (Stanley Cup Playoffs and Stanley Cup Final)

The NHL season is one of the longest and most intense professional sports seasons in the world. It is a grueling journey that each team and player experience as they battle for the chance to be named Stanley Cup Champions.



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