how many games is dhop suspended

how many games is dhop suspended

How Many Games is DHOP Suspended?

DHOP, or the Dallas Hospital of Performance, is an innovative performance-improvement program launched by professional basketball team the Dallas Mavericks in 2017. The program is a collaboration between the Mavericks and an independent performance-improvement specialist.


The Dallas Mavericks’ DHOP program utilizes diagnostic testing to provide customized performance plans for all of their players. This includes targeted training goals to improve strength, fitness, nutrition, and skills. Because of its unique approach and success, DHOP has become the standard of performance any team at the professional level.


However, the DHOP program is currently suspended for the majority of the 2019-20 season, due to concerns about injury prevention during the lengthy playing season. The suspension limits any performance-improvement initiatives for the Mavericks’ players to optional ones, as determined by the team’s performance staff.


The Dallas Mavericks may decide to reinstate the DHOP program late in the season, provided the injury situation has improved. The length of the suspension could vary, depending on the severity of the issues. For example, if the team’s injuries are minor, they might allow the DHOP program to resume just before the playoffs.


Reinstating the DHOP program late in the season could have several benefits for the Mavericks’ players. It could allow them to benefit from its targeted development plans, as well as increased strength, conditioning, and nutrition practices. Additionally, the DHOP program could help support the long-term performance goals necessary to compete at a high level in the playoffs.


It is currently unclear how long the Dallas Mavericks will suspend the DHOP program, but it is likely to be for the majority of the 2019-20 season. However, it could be reactivated in the late-season if their injury situation improves, which could provide a number of benefits to their players.



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