how many miles do nba players run in a game

how many miles do nba players run in a game

How Much Do NBA Players Run During a Basketball Game?

Basketball is known as one of the most physically demanding sports in the world, and judging by the amount of running that NBA players do during a game, it’s no wonder why. So how much running can we expect an NBA player to do during an average game?

Average total distance run over a game

A study done for NBA players in a 2007-2008 season revealed the following:

  • Players in the Offensive Position run an average of 2.33 miles per game
  • Players in the Defensive Position run an average of 2.9 miles per game
  • Players in both positions combined will run an average of 3.8 miles per game

This data may be slightly outdated, but it’s still a good indicator of the amount of running that an NBA player can expect to do in a game and helps set the bar for what they should strive for when training. According to these findings, NBA players are running an incredible amount of miles in each and every game.

How Running Can Affect Performance

Speaking of training, it’s paramount for NBA players to be in top shape in order to keep up with the rigors of the game. NBA players are constantly running up and down the court for 48 minutes, making quick cuts and changes of directions. This demands a certain level of endurance and strength to be maintained throughout the game, which is why it’s imperative for players to work on their cardio and leg strength off the court as well.

It’s also important to note that running can have a serious impact on a player’s performance in the game. Studies have shown that fatigue can start to set in after a player has run more than 2.5 miles, and as a result, their performance in the game will suffer. So, if an NBA player is running the recommended 3.8 miles during the course of the game, their performance could be significantly hindered if their cardio and leg strength are not up to par.


It’s amazing to think that NBA players are running nearly 4 miles in every game! This makes it even more impressive to watch players like LeBron James be able to perform at a high level for 48 minutes, night in and night out. With the help of proper training, NBA players are able to push their physical limits even further and put on a show each night when they take the court.



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