how many mlb games in a season

how many mlb games in a season

How Many MLB Games Are Played in a Season?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada. The MLB season is 162 games long, with 81 games played at each team’s home stadium.

Length of MLB Season

The MLB season is divided into two parts. The first part runs from early April to early September and is known as the regular season. During this time, each team will play 162 games over the course of six months.

Schedule for Regular Season

During the regular season, teams play a variety of opponents. Each team will play 18 games against its four divisional rivals, six games against each of the other teams in their league, and 20 games against their opponents in the other league.


When the regular season ends, the team with the best record in each division will automatically qualify for the postseason. In addition, two wild card teams – the teams with the next best records after the division winners – will also qualify. The postseason is a best-of-five series between the wild card teams and the team that won the division, culminating in the World Series.


In total, there are 162 MLB games in a season, with the postseason extending the total to up to twenty-one. The regular season schedule is balanced, with the teams playing a variety of opponents, culminating in the playoffs. The World Series is then the culminating event of the season, with the winners crowned as the best team in baseball for that year.



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