how much did epic games buy fall guys for

how much did epic games buy fall guys for

A Look at How Much Epic Games Bought Fall Guys For

Epic Games is a huge player in the video game industry and has made some big moves in the last few years. One of their acquisitions was the purchase of Fall Guys, an extremely popular battle royale game. So, how much did Epic Games buy Fall Guys for?

The Price of Fall Guys

Epic Games reportedly purchased Fall Guys in December 2020 for an undisclosed sum. However, Epic was believed to have paid $395 million for Fall Guys and all of its related assets.

What Was Included in the Purchase?

The purchase included the Fall Guys brand and the team from developer Mediatonic. Along with that came the rights to the hit game and its rights. Epic Games also purchased the intellectual property rights to the game, including existing and potential future merchandise.

The Benefits for Epic Games

Epic Games has a lot to gain from purchasing Fall Guys. The immensely popular game has a very large and active player base. By having control of the game, Epic Games can now capitalize on Fall Guys’ success. This could mean increased revenue from revenue streams like microtransactions, in-game purchases, or future expansion packs.

What Does This Mean for Fall Guys?

The purchase of Fall Guys by Epic Games means that Mediatonic and its team now have the financial security to develop and expand the game further. With Epic Games’ vast resources, they can now take Fall Guys to the next level. This could include new features, better graphics, and bigger worlds.


Epic Games’ purchase of Fall Guys was a major move in the gaming industry. While the exact amount was not revealed, it is thought to be an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars. While the purchase will benefit Epic Games, it could also mean a lot for Fall Guys as a game as well. We can only speculate as to what the future holds for Fall Guys and Epic Games.



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