how much do texas game wardens make

how much do texas game wardens make

How much do Texas Game Wardens Make?

Texas Game Wardens are highly esteemed professionals in the state, dedicated to protecting the state’s natural environment and enforcing the laws that protect it. Becoming a game warden is a long and difficult process, but it pays off–literally. Here is an overview of Texas Game Wardens’ salaries and other job benefits.


Texas Game Wardens are employed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the annual salary for a full-time game warden consists of two components:

  • Base Salary. Base salaries for game wardens in Texas range from $44,168 to $92, though a starting salary for trainees can be as low as $41,415. The average salary for a TX game warden is $63,500 a year.
  • Performance Pay. In addition to the base salary, game wardens are eligible for performance pay for extra hours, equivalent to 1-3 days of their base salary.

Job Benefits

In addition to the salary, Texas Game Wardens also have access to several job benefits, including:

  • Paid Insurance Cover: Once employed, game wardens are eligible for health and dental insurance coverage.
  • Retirement Benefits: Game wardens are eligible for membership of the Texas Employees Retirement System.
  • Flexible Schedules: On occasions, game wardens can be required to work long hours, but most often the hours are flexible.
  • Travel Allowance: In some cases, game wardens can be reimbursed for travel outside the state of Texas.

In conclusion, Texas game wardens receive a generous salary and benefit package, with salaries ranging from $44,168 to $92, and benefits including flexible schedules and travel allowances. A career as a game warden in Texas is an extremely rewarding one, and it pays off in more ways than one.



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