how play windows games on mac

how play windows games on mac

How to Play Windows Games on Mac

Playing Windows games on a Mac is not always straightforward. While Mac computers are increasingly able to run Windows software, the experience is not always perfect. However, with the right equipment and software, being able to play Windows games on a Mac computer is more achievable than ever.

Steps to Take

  • Buy Remote Access Software: Remote access programs such as RDC or Splashtop allow the Mac user to access and run games from their Windows computer remotely. Such software may incur an initial cost, but by allowing the user to run games from their PC from the comfort of their Mac, the cost is easily worth it.
  • Get a Windows Emulator: Windows emulators such as Wineskin, Crossover, and WineBottler are all good choices. Downloading one allows the Mac user to access Windows programs by creating a complete Windows environment on their Mac. Note that such emulators may not be capable of running certain games due to certain technicalities.
  • Find Quality Porting Software: With porting software, Mac users can destine any Windows game onto their Macs with relative ease. The most popular choice for this is Steam. If a game is only available for Windows, it is likely that it has a version in Steam that can be used on Mac.


Playing Windows games on Mac computers is no longer the challenge it once was. While the exact procedure may vary slightly depending on the software that is available and the game being played, there are now many viable options that Mac users can take advantage of.



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