how to beat cracker barrel game

how to beat cracker barrel game

How to Beat the Cracker Barrel Game

Do you love puzzles? Are you up for the challenge of winning the Cracker Barrel Game? Here is an easy guide to crack the Cracker Barrel Game!

1. Know the Rules

The Cracker Barrel Game is a puzzle game that consists of 15 interlocking wooden pieces that come in the form of a triangle. You have to move the pieces around to form a perfect triangle with all the pieces being used.

2. Choose your Strategy

There are two strategies to use when playing the Cracker Barrel Game:

  • Solution-Focused Strategy: This strategy involves thinking of a solution and slowly working on it until you reach the right answer.
  • Trial-and-Error Strategy: This strategy involves trying out different ways to solve the puzzle. Eventually, you will reach the solution.

3. Understand the Pieces

The pieces of the Cracker Barrel Game consist of two types of shapes: squares and circles. Make sure you look at the size and shape of the pieces before you start moving them around. This can help you figure out the solution quickly.

4. Start Moving Pieces

Once you understand the pieces, start moving them around. Try out different combinations and do not be afraid to try out different solutions. If a certain combination does not work out, then just try another combination.

5. Take time to Think

The key to winning the Cracker Barrel Game is to think thoroughly. Do not rush the game and take your time to think. This can help you come up with better solutions and it can also give you more time to come up with a good strategy.

6. Have Patience and don’t Quit

Remember that you might not solve the puzzle the first time you try. You might even try it multiple times before you solve it. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries. Just stay patient, practice and don’t quit before you get the solution.


Cracking the Cracker Barrel Game can be tough but with practice and some strategy, you can easily beat it! All you need is a combination of understanding the pieces and coming up with good strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and crack the Cracker Barrel Game!



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