How to Beat Trace on Cool Math Games

how to beat trace on cool math games


How to Beat Trace on Cool Math Games

Trace is one of the challenging games featured on Cool Math Games, where the player needs to navigate a maze collecting all the flags. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to beat Trace and emerge victorious!

1. Pay Attention to the Objects

One of the key elements of Trace is that the maze is made up of objects, such as blocks and walls, that can be moved and destroyed. Pay close attention to the way they’re arranged and take note of any that can make your journey easier.

2. Memorize the Levels

The best way to get better at Trace is to memorize the levels. Familiarizing yourself with repetition and patterns will give you an advantage when playing. It’s also a great way to practice your spatial reasoning.

3. Utilize Strategy

Trace isn’t just about reacting quickly – it takes strategy to beat the game. For example, think ahead and use objects you’ve already destroyed to your advantage. You can also use blocks or walls to make your path more efficient and maximize your score.

4. Take Your Time

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to collect all the flags in a short amount of time. But try to relax and take your time. Plan out each step so that you don’t get lost or find yourself in an impossible spot.

5. Use the Power-Ups

Throughout each level, you’ll find helpful power-ups. Use these to your advantage – they can open up new paths, slow down time, and even give you extra lives.


By using the tips in this guide, you’ll have no problem beating Trace on Cool Math Games. Remember to pay attention to objects, memorize the levels, utilize strategy, take your time, and use the power-ups to your advantage. Good luck!



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