how to delete 3ds games

how to delete 3ds games

How to Delete 3DS Games

Do you have too many 3DS games and want to free up some space? Deleting 3DS games is an easy process. Here are the steps needed to delete them:

Before Deleting

  • Back Up Your Data:You can back up any game data you want to keep. Visit your system’s Data Management settings and back up the save data you want to keep.
  • Think About Downloading Again:Make sure you’re OK with not having the data any longer. 3DS games may be re-downloaded through the eShop when available.

Deleting 3DS Games

  • Open the System Settings:From the Home Menu open the System settings. This will let you access the Data Management settings.
  • Select Data Management:Tap “Data Management” to open the data management settings. Here you can access the sections for Software, System Memory, and StreetPass Mii Plaza Data.
  • Choose Software:Tap “Software” and you’ll see a list of your 3DS games. Check the box beside the game you want to delete, and then select “Delete.”
  • Confirm the Deletion:You’ll get a confirmation screen. Select “Delete” again and it will delete the game and any associated save data.

Deleting Save Data

If you want to delete any accompanying save data all you have to do is open your system settings, and then select Data Management. Tap on “System Memory,” check the box next to the save data and tap “Delete.” This will delete the save data, however you will no longer be able to transfer it to a new device.

Deleting 3DS games is an easy process and will help reclaim some of your valuable storage space. Don’t forget to back up your data first before deleting a game, since it cannot be recovered once it has been deleted.



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