how to delete a roblox game

how to delete a roblox game

How to Delete a Roblox Game

Roblox is a popular gaming platform where users can create and share virtual worlds with friends. If you need to delete a Roblox game, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Roblox account

First, log in to your Roblox account and go to the “My Games” page.

2. Open the game page you want to delete

Then, find the game you want to delete and open the page.

3. Click the “Delete” button

On the game page, you will see a “Delete” button at the top right corner. Click this button to delete the game.

4. Confirm your choice

You will be asked to confirm your choice one more time before the Roblox game can be permanently deleted.

5. Check if the game is deleted

After confirming the deletion, the game will no longer be visible on the “My Games” page. You can also search for the game to make sure it is deleted.

Tips To Remember:

  • You cannot undo the deletion once it is done.
  • Any items or currency attached to the game will be lost after the deletion.
  • You can delete your own Roblox game, but you cannot delete other players’ games.

Deleting a Roblox game is easy if you follow the steps above. Just remember to double-check that the game has been deleted after you confirm the deletion.



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