How to Delete Games on PS5

how to delete games on ps5


How to Delete Games on PS5?

If you want to clear up some space on your PlayStation 5, you may want to delete games. This can be done quickly and easily, with a few simple steps.

Step by Step Guide

    1. Navigate to the PlayStation 5 home screen.


    1. Select the “Game Library” from the home screen.


    1. Find the game you wish to delete and select it.


    1. Select the “Options” at the bottom of the game’s screen.


    1. Choose the Delete option in the Options menu.


    1. Confirm the game deletion.


Removing Saved Data

If you wish to remove the saved data as well as deleting the game, select the “Saved Data and Game/App Settings” from the Options menu instead of Delete. You will then have the option of deleting just the saved data, or both the game and its saved data. Note that deleting saved data may be irreversible.

Deleting Disc Games

You can also delete game discs by following the same steps. Select the game icon in the Game Library, followed by the Options menu, and then select the “Disc” section of the Options. Here you will be given the option to delete the disc game. Again, confirm the deletion.

It’s important to note that deleting a game will remove the game from your system, but not your library – so you can reinstall the game at no extra cost, as long as you have the game disc.

That’s all you need to know to delete games from your PlayStation 5. The process is quick and easy, and is a great way to free up space on your system.



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