how to hide game activity on steam

how to hide game activity on steam

How to Hide Game Activity on Steam

Steam is an online platform developed by Valve Corporation that allows players to purchase, download, and play video games. The platform also allows users to connect and play with friends, join gaming groups, and follow their friends’ gaming progress.

If you don’t want your friends to you’re playing a game, you can hide your game activity on Steam. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Check Your Profile – Before you start hiding game activity, check your profile privacy settings. Your profile should be set to “Friends Only” or “Private” in order to keep your game activity hidden.
  2. Open Profile Settings – Go to the main profile settings page, and click “Account Visibility”.
  3. Choose an Option – Select one of the three options:

    • ”Friends Only” – This option will make your game activity visible to your Steam friends.
    • ”Private” – This option will hide your game activity from other users, even your friends.
    • ”Public” – Select this if you want to show your public game activity on your profile. Note that this option will be visible to anyone, even if they aren’t your Steam friend.

  4. Save Your Settings – Click “Save Changes” to make sure that your new settings are applied. Now your game activity will be hidden.


  • You can also hide individual games by right-clicking the game in the main Library page, and then selecting “Set Categories.”
  • You can also hide individual achievements. To do this, simply click on the game’s profile page, and then click “Hide Achievements.”
  • Make sure to regularly check your profile’s visibility settings to ensure your game activity is still hidden.



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