how to install 3ds games with fbi

how to install 3ds games with fbi

How to Install 3DS Games With FBI

FBI is a 3DS homebrew app that can be used to install 3DS game files on to your 3DS console. Installing games with FBI is a relatively simple process.


  • Prepare the .3DS Game File

    • Download 3DS game file (.3DS or .CIA extension)
    • Install the file on your PC so that it has the .CIA extension

  • Copy the .CIA File

    • Plug your 3DS console’s memory into your PC
    • Create a “3DS” folder in your 3DS console’s memory
    • Copy the .CIA file into your 3DS console’s memory

  • Install FBI and Launch the Game File

    • Download and install FBI on your 3DS console
    • Open FBI and browse to the .CIA file you copied
    • Launch the game using FBI

With these simple steps, you will be able to install 3DS game files on your console. Remember that you should never download game files from an unofficial source and always use the appropriate legal channels to acquire them.



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