How To Make A Fnaf Fan Game

how to make a fnaf fan game


How to Make a FNaF Fan Game


FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) is a popular horror game series. Making a fan game of this popular series can be a great project to take on, one that will generate a lot of interest among gamers. Here are some steps for creating a FNaF fan game.

Step 1: Choose Your Theme


When it comes to creating a FNaF fan game, the first step is to settle on a theme. The theme will dictate the type of game you create, from mechanics and characters to the overall tone and visuals.

Step 2: Select Your Software


Once you have settled on a theme for your game, it’s time to select the software you’ll be using.

    • Game Maker Studio: This is a great choice for creating 2D platformers and adventure games.


    • Unity: Popular among indie and AAA game developers alike, Unity has powerful 3D graphics and physics engines and can handle pretty much any type of game.


    • Unreal Engine 4: This is the most advanced and powerful engine of the three, but it can also be the most challenging to learn.


Step 3: Start Designing Your Game


Once you have chosen your software and have a good idea of your theme, it’s time to start designing your game. Start by creating a basic outline of your story and characters. Sketch out your levels, what type of gameplay you want, and the visual style you are going for. You can then begin coding and creating art assets for your game.

Step 4: Create the Music


If you want to give your game a truly immersive experience, you’ll want to create some original music for it. You can compose your own music or hire a composer to do the job. Even if you’re not a musician, there are plenty of music tools out there you can use to create music.

Step 5: Playtest Your Game


Once you have developed the game to a point where it is playable, it’s time to playtest it. Invite friends and fellow gamers to try it out and get feedback on various aspects, such as the overall experience, the mechanics, and the visuals. This will help you identify any issues that need to be addressed before the game is ready for release.

Step 6: Release Your Game


Once you have tested and polished your game, it’s time to release it. This is a very exciting moment for a game developer, as all of their hard work is about to be released into the world. Make sure you prepare properly for this moment, by promoting your game via social media and word of mouth, and setting up a website if necessary.

Making a FNaF fan game can be a challenging but rewarding task. Taking the time to properly plan and develop your game will ensure that it stands out from others in the series and is an enjoyable experience for players.



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