how to make game passes on roblox

how to make game passes on roblox

How To Make Game Passes On Roblox

Game passes are an important part of the Roblox economy. They give players exclusive access to unique content and rewards within a game. If you want to get in on this lucrative market, making game passes on Roblox can be a great way to monetize your game and keep players coming back. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before you can create game passes, you’ll need to assemble the necessary materials. You’ll need:

  • Robux: This is the currency used on Roblox to purchase items and game passes.
  • Roblox Builders Club (RBC): You’ll need an active RBC membership to make game passes.
  • Game Design Software: You’ll need game design software such as Roblox Studio to implement game passes in your game.
  • Developer Forum: You should join the Roblox Developer Forum so you can get feedback and advice from players and other developers.

Step 2: Create The Game Pass

Once you have all your materials, you’re ready to create the game pass. Head to the Developer Forum and find the Game Pass Template that’s right for your game. Then, use the template to create the unique content and special rewards that come with the pass. You can also use graphics software to customize the pass’s design.

Step 3: Publish The Game Pass

Once you’ve completed your game pass, it’s time to publish it on the Roblox platform. Head to your game page and select the “Publish” option. On the next page, you’ll be able to select the game pass you’ve created, set the price, and make it available for sale.

Step 4: Promote Your Game Pass

Once you’ve published your game pass, it’s time to start promoting it. You can do this by using Roblox’s official Advertising Network or by creating your own custom advertisements. You should also make sure you’re active in the Roblox Developer Forum and engage with potential customers.

Step 5: Monitor The Performance

Once the game pass is out, it’s important to keep an eye on its performance. Track the number of sales and the amount of revenue generated to evaluate the success of your game pass. You can also ask players for feedback to help you tweak and improve your game pass in the future.


Making game passes on Roblox is an exciting way to monetize your game and give players exclusive access to valuable rewards. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a successful game pass, promote it to players, and track the performance to make sure it’s generating revenue. Good luck!



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