how to move games to another monitor

how to move games to another monitor


Move Games to Another Monitor

Have you ever wanted to try out a game on another monitor, but you weren’t sure how to move it? It’s actually quite simple. Here is what you need to know:

Things You’ll Need


    • Game you want to move


    • Second monitor


    • Correct video cables


    • Video card


Steps to Move Games To Another Monitor


    • Step 1 – Connect the second monitor with the correct video cable. Ensure that the correct type of cable is used for both monitors.


    • Step 2 – In the operating system settings, select to extend the desktop to the second monitor.


    • Step 3 – Open the game that you wish to move. Click the maximize button and the game will be moved to the second monitor.


    • Step 4 – If the game does not appear correctly on the second monitor, select the correct resolution for that monitor. You can do this by going into the game’s options or video card settings.


    • Step 5 – Enjoy your game on the second monitor!


In conclusion, moving a game to another monitor is quite easy and takes only a few steps. All you need is the game you want to move, the second monitor, the correct video cables and video card. By following the steps above, you will be playing your game on the second monitor in no time.



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