how to play 9 ball game pigeon

how to play 9 ball game pigeon

How To Play 9 Ball Game Pigeon

9 Ball Game Pigeon is a fun and exciting game for all ages to enjoy. It is a game in which teams of two players compete to shoot numbered balls from an elevated position into the pockets of a billiard table. Playing 9 Ball Game Pigeon is relatively easy and requires minimal equipment. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to play the game:


  • 9-ball table
  • 2 cue sticks
  • 2 sets of 15 billiard balls (1 set of yellow and 1 set of red)


  • Break the opening shot: Each team chooses the player who will break first. The breaking player will stand just behind the centerline of the table, and shoot the cue ball from behind the front spot of the table. The goal is to scatter the balls that make a triangle shape around the yellow head ball.
  • Scoring in 9 Ball Game Pigeon: After a team successfully sinks one of their balls, that team receives 1 point. If the shooting team misses, the other team receives the point—known as a “pigeon”. The game ends when one team reaches a score of 25 points.
  • Aim for the highest numbered ball: After a team successfully sinks one of their balls, they must take the next shot that is directly targeting the highest numbered ball on the table. This player will be aiming to sink the highest numbered ball, however if they miss, it is back to the other team.
  • Stalemates must be found: In the event of a stalemate, both teams will receive 1 point and “freeze” the played balls in the table. Each team will then proceed to break the opening shot and it’s back to playing 9 Ball Game Pigeon.


9 Ball Game Pigeon is a fun game for all ages. It requires minimal equipment and minimal setup time. This game is best enjoyed with friends and family in a recreational setting. Have fun and enjoy the game!



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