how to play corn hole game

how to play corn hole game

Essentials to Know on How to Play Corn Hole

Corn Hole is a centuries-old game also known as bean bag toss or bags, that has two boards and several beanbags. The game can be enjoyed with two players or multiple players, and teams could also be formed according to preference. This fun game is a great way to pass time with friends and family while spending some quality time outdoors.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 pieces of plywood cut into a rectangle with a 6-inch hole cut in the center of each board.
  • 8 Bean Bags
  • Optional accessories (tailgates, stands, decals, and a scoreboard).

Rules Of Play

  • Players can stand the same distance from the board, or one can stand nearer than the other.
  • Each player shoots 4 bags per turn.
  • A bag must be thrown in a plane with in line with the board.
  • The players take turns tossing bags until all 8 bags are thrown.
  • Scoring is determined by the points a bag earns based on which section of the board it lands; if a bag goes through the hole it is 3points, otherwise, its value is based on whether the bag is closer to the board than the other.
  • A player scores with each turn, and the first one to 21 is the winner.

Tips for a Smooth Play

  • To determine who starts first; you could flip a coin, draw straws, or practice rock-paper-scissors.
  • Players should toss the bags from behind the front edge of the board.
  • For beginners, mark where players can stand and make sure they stay behind that line.
  • If the players make a mistake, they should keep going or the difference can be added in at the end of the game.

Corn hole game is an enjoyable game for any gathering of friends and family. With the tips and rules shared here, you are now ready to start playing and having a good time. So why wait? Get your game on!



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