how to play dos card game

how to play dos card game

How to Play DOS Card Game

Dos is a challenging and exciting card game that can be played by 2 or more players. It is inappropriate for small children due to the need for basic addition and subtraction skills. It is the perfect family game since it can be played with two or more players of varying ages and skill levels.


The objective of Dos is to make two piles of cards, one that is numbered 1-10 and the other 2-20. Players take turns discarding cards from their hands in an effort to be the first one to arrange their pile in numerical order.


  • Each player is dealt 7 cards.
  • The remaining cards form the draw pile.
  • Players should keep their hands hidden during the game.


  • The game begins with the youngest player.
  • On their turn, players must draw a card from the draw pile.
  • Players may then decide to place a card on their own piles or on the opponent’s piles.
  • The number of the card must fall within the range of the pile; the card cannot go on a pile if it is out of range.
  • If there are no legal plays, the player must discard a card.
  • The opponent or next player may then place the discarded card on their pile or opponent’s pile if it is within range.
  • The game is over when any player completes one of their piles in numerical order, from 1-10 and 2-20 depending on which pile (the player must call out “Dos!” when their pile is complete).


The first player to finish their piles in numerical order wins the game. If more than one player finishes their piles in the same round, the player with the lowest score wins.



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