how to play games in messenger

how to play games in messenger

How to Play Games in Messenger

Are you getting bored during your online conversations in messenger? See no need to worry, you can now play games with your friends and family in messenger. Here’s how to play games in messenger:

Step 1: Starting a Game

  • Open your messenger conversation.
  • Click on the game controller icon, it’s in the lower left of the conversation where you can also see emojis, GIFs and more.
  • Choose the game you want to play with your friend.

Step 2: Playing the Game

  • The first player will be the challenger, so they’ll go first.
  • Follow the instructions and make a move.
  • Keep playing until the game is complete.

Step 3: Seeing the Results

  • Once the game ends, the players can see the results of their session.
  • The winner will get a ‘victory’ message from Messenger.

That’s it. You are now ready to start playing games in messenger. You can have fun by playing different games with your friends, family or even with strangers. So, let the games begin!



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