how to play old maid card game

how to play old maid card game

How to Play Old Maid Card Game

The Old Maid card game is a classic card game for all ages! It’s awesome for learning matching and memory, but also great for family game nights. Here’s how to play:

Game Setup

  • Choose one person to be the dealer
  • Remove one card from the deck
  • shuffle the deck
  • Deal out all the cards facing down


  • The goal is to not be left with the Old Maid card at the end
  • Each player picks up their cards and separates them into pairs
  • When a player has two cards of the same rank, they match them and remove them from the game
  • The players then take turns asking each other for a particular rank
  • For example, a Player One may ask Player Two for a queen
  • If Player Two has the queen, they give it to Player One and they both remove their matching cards from the game
  • But if Player Two does not have the queen, they need to say ‘go fish’
  • The player then takes the top card from the deck and adds it to their hand
  • The game continues in this manner until all the pairs have been made
  • The last player with the unpaired card is the Old Maid, and loses the game


The winner is the player who does not have the Old Maid card when all the pairs have been made. Good luck and have a great time!



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