how to play spit the card game

how to play spit the card game

How to Play Spit Card Game

Spit card game is an exciting, fast-paced card game for two players. It is easy to learn and very quick to play, making it a great game for kids as well as adults. Here’s how you can play:

Materials Needed

  • 2 Players
  • 1 Standard Deck of Playing Cards

Setting Up

  • Each player chooses which side of the table they will sit on (North or South).
  • Shuffle the cards.
  • Split the cards into 2 piles – one for each player’s Spit Pile.
  • Each player takes their Spit Pile and arranges it in front of them on their side of the table.

The Gameplay

  • The game starts with each player simultaneously taking the top card off their Spit Pile and playing it in the center of the table. The player with the highest card (Aces being highest) collects both cards.
  • Simultaneously, each player plays the next card form their Spit Pile on top of the card in the center of the table. Whoever has the highest card collects both cards.
  • This continues until one of the players has no cards left in their Spit Pile. That player is declare the winner.

Strategy Tips

  • Pay Attention: Make sure to pay attention to the cards that the other person plays. It might be a clue about what kind of cards they have left in their Spit Pile.
  • Block Opponent: If you have a card that you know will beat your opponents, then play it to block them from getting any more cards.
  • Plan Ahead: Keep an eye on your Spit Pile and plan ahead with what cards you play.


Spit is a great game for people of all ages. There’s no need for complicated strategy, and it is fast enough that you can squeeze in a few games in a short time. So grab a deck of cards and give Spit a try!



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