how to play the game snaps

how to play the game snaps

How to Play the Game Snaps

The classic game Snaps has been around for generations and its fun and simple rule-set makes it a popular game among kids and adults alike. Here is a guide to how to play Snaps.

What You Need To Play Snaps

  • A pack of playing cards.
  • At least two players.

How To Play Snaps

  • Dealing: All players shuffle their cards and deal out seven cards each.
  • Play: All players turn over their top card at the same time and then put it in a pile between them.
  • Snaps: When two or more players have revealed the same card, the first to shout “SNAPS!” wins the pile.
  • Winning: The game is over when one player has all the cards. The winner is the player with the most cards.


  • Make sure everyone looks away when cards are being dealt.
  • Shout “SNAPS!” as quickly as you can when you spot a matching card.

That’s it! Playing Snaps is a great way to keep kids – and adults – entertained in a fun and competitive way. Enjoy!



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