how to return games on oculus

how to return games on oculus

Returning Games on Oculus

Returning games on Oculus is a simple process and may be easily done in a few steps. Knowing how to return a game on Oculus will save you both time and energy. Here are some steps you can follow to easily return a game on your Oculus headset:

Steps to Return a Game on Oculus

  • Visit Oculus Store: Log in to your account on the Oculus Store and navigate to your order history. Select the game you’d like to return and tap the “Request a Refund” button.
  • Contact Customer Service: If the game is past its return deadline, contact Oculus Customer Support and tell them that you want to return the game. Provide them with your order number and explain your reason for returning the game.
  • Send the Game Back: If approved, Oculus will refund you the amount and provide you shipping instructions and a return label, usually through email. Follow their instructions and send the game back. Once they receive the item, they’ll process your refund.


Returning a game on Oculus is a simple process. All it takes is a few clicks and, if necessary, contact Oculus Customer Support. Following the steps above, you’ll quickly be able to return your game and get your refund!



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