how to say video games in spanish

how to say video games in spanish

How to Say Video Games in Spanish

Video games have become a popular way to entertain and keep people busy during their free time. If you are studying Spanish, knowing how to say video games in Spanish can help you communicate with other Spanish-speaking gamers.

Learning the Vocabulary

There are many words you can use in Spanish to talk about video games. Some of them include:

  • Los videojuegos – video games
  • La consola de videojuegos – game console
  • El juego – game
  • La pantalla – screen or display

Talking About Video Games

Once you understand the vocabularly, you can begin putting sentences together to talk about video games. Here are some useful phrases related to video games in Spanish:

  • Juegas videojuegos? – Do you play video games?
  • Los videojuegos me entretienen – Video games keep me entertained.
  • Es mi consola favorita – It’s my favorite console.
  • No entiendo este juego – I don’t understand this game.

Playing and Communicating in Spanish

Once you learn the vocabulary and know a few useful phrases in Spanish, you can start having actual conversations about video games. You will be able to talk to other Spanish-speaking gamers and join Spanish-speaking gaming groups. This will give you an opportunity to practice your Spanish and make new friends at the same time!



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