how to setup speed card game

how to setup speed card game

How To Set Up Speed Card Game

Speed is a card game for two players which is lots of fun and very fast-paced! A minimum of two decks of cards are needed for the game, but three or more can be used for larger groups. Here is a step-by-step breakdown on how to set up and play the Speed card game.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

To play Speed, you will need two or more decks of playing cards, two players, and some empty space to play. Play surfaces such as card tables or pads of paper on a flat surface will help the cards remain organized and easily accessible.

Step 2: Set Up the Table

At the start of the game each player should be given a pile of cut cards, one pile per player. The number of cards in each pile should be equal to the starting value of the game. A popular starting point is seven cards. Each pile should be located in front of its respective player.

Step 3: Start Playing

The game then starts by each player laying down the top card of their pile, with the player indicating “speed!” as they turn their card. Both players should then look at the card which has been turned over.

Step 4: Making and Breaking Set

If one player has a card which matches either the rank or suit of the other player’s card then a “set” is formed. The players should slap the cards and pick them up before the other player does. The same process is followed if one player has two (or more) cards which match the one which has been turned over.

Step 5: Winning the Game

The game is won when one player has all of their cards in sets with the other player’s cards, or when one player has no cards left in their pile.

Tips & Strategies

  • Be Quick :Players should be quick with their reactions, and should be prepared to slap down their cards at any moment.
  • Keep Count:Keeping track of the number of cards in each of the piles is essential for a successful game. If one pile gets filled up with too many cards, then it can be difficult to manage.
  • Watch Your Opponent:Players should be aware of their opponent’s tendency and movements to be able to anticipate what their opponent will do and react accordingly.

So there you have it! Follow the steps above, and you will have a great time playing Speed Card and developing your strategic thinking!



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