how to transfer game data from android to bluestacks

how to transfer game data from android to bluestacks

Transferring Game Data from Android to BlueStacks

Transferring game data from your Android phone to BlueStacks is a useful way to continue your progress on games you may have started from your phone, regardless of which device you are using. Let’s review the simple steps involved to transfer the data.

Step 1: Install Apps Syncer on Your Devices

From the Play Store or App Store, install the “Apps Syncer” app onto your Android device and onto BlueStacks.

Step 2: Open Apps Syncer in Both Devices

Open “Apps Syncer” on both your Android device and BlueStacks.

Step 3: Connect the Devices

On your Android phone, select “Connect New Device” and enter the pairing code provided by BlueStacks into your phone.

Step 4: Select Your Games to Sync

On your Android device, select the games you want to sync and then select the option to “Create Backup”. Then, transfer the backup to BlueStacks by selecting “Restore Backup” and selecting the corresponding game.

Step 5: Start Playing!

Once the transfer is complete, you can begin playing the game with your saved data and progress on BlueStacks.

Things to Remember:

  • Be sure to keep your Android and BlueStacks versions of the game up to date; this ensures that your game data remains compatible.
  • If needed, complete a tutorial or review the game control options; keyboards and mice work differently from touchscreens, so you may need to adjust.
  • Consider copying over all of your apps and games; you only need to follow these steps once to sync your data.

Now that you know the simple steps needed to transfer game data from your Android phone to BlueStacks, you can continue enjoying your games wherever and whenever you want!



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