how to transfer games from one switch to another

how to transfer games from one switch to another

Transferring Games from Switch to Another

Do you want to move your entire library of Nintendo Switch games from one Switch to another? Well, you’re in luck! Nintendo makes the entire process quite straightforward and simple, so let’s get started:

1. Prepare Your Source Nintendo Switch

  • Deactivate Your Nintendo Account: Before transferring your games to another Switch, make sure you deactivate your Nintendo account. By deactivating your Nintendo account, you are ensuring that you don’t accidentally transfer games you don’t own.
  • Format Your MicroSD Card: Format your microSD card before transferring it to the new console. This will give you the opportunity to freshly set up the new console, and any errors that may have occurred in the old console will be cleared.
  • Prepare Your User Account: If you have multiple user accounts on your Nintendo Switch, make sure that you deactivate all of them. This will make sure that no games you don’t own are transferred to the new console.

2. Set Up Your New Nintendo Switch

  • Activate Your Nintendo Account: Activate your Nintendo account, either with a new or an existing account. This will enable you to play all the games you own with the new console.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi: Connect your new switch to Wi-Fi and make sure you can access the Internet properly.
  • Activate Your User Account: Activate your user accounts on the new switch, as far as you need them.

3. Transfer the Games

  • Transfer the MicroSD Card: Take the prepared and formatted microSD card and plug it into the new Switch. This will enable you to transfer all of your games from the old console to the new one.
  • Confirm Transfer: Once the transfer is complete, confirm that all of your games have been transferred correctly.

4. Sit Back & Enjoy

And that’s it! You can now start playing all your favorite Nintendo Switch games on your new console with the same level of convenience you enjoyed on the old one. Plus, with the added bonus of the new hardware, you can now experience those games in ways you weren’t able to before. Enjoy, and happy gaming!



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