how to unhide game in steam

how to unhide game in steam

How to Unhide Games on Steam

Steam is a great platform to keep up to date with your favorite video games. You can also buy new games, play with friends and much more. If you have been playing games on Steam for a while, you may have run into a situation where you have a game in your library but it is hidden from your view. This can happen if you bought a game but never installed it. Fortunately, it is easy to unhide a game on Steam and have it appear in your library view.

The Steps to Unhide a Game on Steam

  1. Open the Steam Client – The first step is to open the Steam desktop application or go to the Steam website.
  2. View Your Games Library – Click on “Library” from the main bar and then click on “Games” to view your list.
  3. Unhide a Game – Click on the “Show Hidden Games” option on the bottom-left, and the game should now appear in the list.

Reveal More Hidden Games

If you have multiple hidden games and don’t want to go through the steps to unhide them one at a time, there is a way to reveal all of them at once.

  • Go To Settings – Go to Steam’s settings (in the top-right menu) and go to the “Downloads” tab.
  • Unhide All Games – At the bottom, there is an option to “Show Games from Hidden Libraries”. When you enable this option, all of your hidden games will be revealed.

You should now be able to see all of your hidden games in your library. Keep in mind that new games you buy will also be hidden from the main view until you go through the steps to unhide them.



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