how to uninstall games on ps5

how to uninstall games on ps5

How to Uninstall Games on PS5

The PlayStation 5 is finally here and while it looks like an awesome gaming console, figuring out how to manage your games library can be tricky. Uninstalling games on PS5 is a breeze but there are a few important details that you should know before taking the plunge. Here are the steps to follow for uninstalling your games and reclaiming some storage on your PS5:

Step 1: Insert Game Disc

When uninstalling a game from your PS5, the first step is to insert the game disc if desired. This will allow you to quickly uninstall the game and free up some space on your console.

Step 2: Navigate to Library

Once you have inserted the game disc that you want to uninstall, navigate to the Library tab on the PS5 home screen. This will display all the games you currently have on your PS5, including digital titles and disc-based ones.

Step 3: Select the Game and Uninstall

Once you are in the Library, select the game you want to uninstall. If it’s a disc-based game, there should be an ‘Uninstall’ option next to the game title. Select the Uninstall option and confirm with ‘OK’. This will begin the process of uninstalling the game from your PS5, freeing up some storage space in the process.

Step 4: Reclaim Disc Space

If you are uninstalling a disc-based game from your PS5, you may want to reclaim the disc space after uninstalling the game. To do this, select the game from the Library home screen and click the “Reclaim Disc Space” option. This will delete all the game data associated with the game that was on the disc, freeing up the required space.

Step 5: Restart Your Console

Finally, once you have finished uninstalling the game, restart your PS5. This will make sure that all the changes are properly implemented and that you’re ready to install a new game.


  • Save your data: Before uninstalling a game, make sure to save your progress to avoid losing your progress.
  • Check storage: Make sure that the game you’re uninstalling is not using more storage than necessary. This can help free up some extra storage space on your console.
  • Free up space: If you’re removing a disc-based game, make sure to reclaim the disc space after uninstalling the game.

Uninstalling games on PS5 is a breeze with the above steps. Whether it’s digital titles or disc-based games, uninstalling them is a quick and easy process. Before you take the plunge, make sure to save your progress and free up the required storage space on your console. Good luck!



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