how to watch avs game

how to watch avs game

Watching an Avs Game

The Colorado Avalanche take to the ice time and time again for their adoring fans. Watching an Avs game is a unique experience and there are many options for doing so. Here we have outlined the steps for how to watch an Avs game.

Options for Watching:

  • In Person at the Stadium
  • Live TV Broadcast
  • Streaming

In Person at the Stadium

In order to experience an Avs game firsthand, you can purchase tickets and attend the game in person at the Pepsi Center Stadium in Denver, Colorado. The atmosphere and energy of a live game is unparalleled, and is something all hockey fans should experience at least once.

Live TV Broadcast

If you can’t make it to the stadium, you can still experience the Avs game on TV. The main channel that broadcasts the games is Altitude Sports. Altitude is a regional sports channel and broadcasts Avs games in Colorado and surrounding states. The channel also streams select locally broadcast games live.


To watch the Avs game online, you can use one of the streaming services that offer it. Most of the streaming services will offer the Altitude Sports feed. Check your streaming service for the availability of Altitude Sports for live coverage of Avs games.

We hope that this article has helped you learn how to watch an Avs game. Whether you choose to watch it live in person, through a local broadcast, or via a streaming service, you’re sure to enjoy the gameplay of this beloved Colorado hockey team!



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