how to watch celtics game free

how to watch celtics game free

How To Watch Boston Celtics Games Free

If you’re a fan of the Boston Celtics, then you’re likely familiar with their up-and-down seasons and the recent playoff losses. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy watching the Celtics play, even if you don’t have a subscription to a paid streaming service. Here are some of the ways that you can watch Celtics games for free:

Using TNT’s NBA App

The TNT NBA app broadcasts many games for free, including Celtics games. To access these games you’ll need an account and you will have to provide your cable provider information. It’s a great way to watch the Celtics for free because you can stream all the games for which TNT has the rights without having to purchase a paid streaming package.

Through TNT Overtime

The second way to watch games for free is using TNT Overtime. This program allows you to watch select games on your computer, phone or tablet. Again, you’ll need to create an account and provide your cable provider’s details. In addition, you’ll be able to view highlights, live stats and live chat with friends, as well as enjoy other interactive features.

Using Your Cable Subscription

If you already have a cable subscription, then you should be able to watch the Celtics on your regional sports network that carries the games and their regional broadcasts. Just check your local channel guide to see what games are available in your area.

Streaming Live Celtics Games

If you’re in the US, then you might be able to watch Celtics games for free using Fubo TV. This streaming service offers a host of popular networks including ESPN, NBA TV and TNT. The cost for the service is about $20 per month, but it gives you access to a wide selection of live sports, so it’s worth it if you’re a basketball fan.

Other Ways to Watch Boston Celtics Games

  • Watching Online: There are a few services that offer free streaming of basketball games, but you’ll have to check which services are available in your area.
  • TuneIn Radio: You can stream the Celtics games through TuneIn Radio by finding your local radio station and tuning in. You’ll need a premium account in order to access the games.
  • Reddit: There are a few subreddits where users post free links to streaming Celtics games. But, be aware that these links may be unreliable.
  • Twitter: There are plenty of Celtics fans on Twitter who post links to watch the games for free. Just keep an eye out for anyone sharing links.

By using any of the above methods, you should be able to watch Boston Celtics games for free. So, don’t let the cost of streaming services hold you back from enjoying the games.



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