how to watch cubs game

how to watch cubs game

How to Watch a Cubs Game

Are you interested in catching a Chicago Cubs game? With a record of nine National League pennants and three World Series titles, the Cubs are a great team to follow. Watching the Cubs can involve attending a game at Wrigley Field or streaming through your media device. Here’s how to watch a Cubs game:

Attend a Game at Wrigley Field

Attending a Cubs game at Wrigley Field is a memorable experience. Follow these steps to prepare for game day:

  • Buy tickets: Buy good quality tickets from the Cubs’ official website or from ticket brokers. The price usually varies depending on matchups and location.
  • Reach the stadium early: Allow enough time to find parking, enter the stadium and find your seat.
  • Come dressed appropriately: Wear layers to prepare for a hot or cold day. Make sure to bring a raincoat in case of bad weather.
  • Be ready to enjoy: The atmosphere at Wrigley Field is unique – take in the sights and soak up the energy of a Cubs game.

Stream the Game Through your Device

If attending a game in person isn’t an option, you can always livestream a Cubs game. Make sure you have the right streaming options and follow these steps:

  • Know your streaming platform: Major League Baseball (MLB) lets you stream games on your desktop or mobile device through MLB.TV or its streaming mobile app.
  • Understand blackout rules: Streaming may be subject to broadcasting restrictions. Check MLB’s blackout rules to make sure your region isn’t restricted from watching.
  • Subscribe to the streaming package: Choose your preferred streaming package to watch your Cubs game.
  • Enjoy your game: Sit back and enjoy the Cubs game in the comfort of your home.

You can now watch a Cubs game like the thousands of fans attending the game or enjoying a game from home. Follow these simple guidelines and start enjoying Chicago Cubs baseball.



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