how to watch london nfl game

how to watch london nfl game

How to Watch London NFL Games

The NFL has become a staple in the United Kingdom, with the league hosting regular games in London. To make sure you never miss a big game, here’s what you need to know to watch NFL London games.

What You Need to Watch

There are a few must-haves in order to watch the London NFL games, such as:

  • A television or streaming device
  • An NFL Game Pass subscription
  • An internet connection

How to Watch

Once you have all the necessary pieces in place, you can start watching the games. NFL Game Pass is the only way to watch NFL London games in the United Kingdom, with the service offering access to all games for the 2020/21 season.

Simply buy an NFL Game Pass subscription and you’ll have access to the full schedule of NFL London games. It’s even possible to watch the games live on the Game Pass platform, with full replays and condensed games available on demand.

Keep an Eye Out

The great thing about NFL Game Pass is that you can also watch out-of-market regular-season games and all of the playoffs. This means you can watch a wide range of NFL action, as well as the London games.

Start Watching Now!

So when the season kicks off, be sure to have an NFL Game Pass subscription so you don’t miss out on the big games in London. All of the action starts this September, so make sure you’re ready to get in on the excitement!



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