how to watch mariners game today

how to watch mariners game today

How to Watch Mariners Game Today

The Seattle Mariners are set for a big game this evening and fans are eager to watch every pitch of the game. Here’s how to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the action.

Option 1: Watch on TV

The easiest and most popular way to watch the Mariners is on the television. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Channel: The game will be broadcast on your local Fox Sports or NBC Sports Network. Check your local listings.
  • Time: Coverage begins at 7:00 PM EST and the game starts at 8:00 PM EST.

Option 2: Watch on the App

If you don’t have cable and still want to watch the Mariners from the comfort of your own home, you can do so by downloading the MLB TV app. Here’s how:

  • Download the MLB TV app on your phone, tablet, or other device.
  • Sign up for an account and purchase a subscription.
  • Log in to the app and select the Seattle Mariners game from the list.
  • Sit back and enjoy the game!

Option 3: Go to the Stadium

The best way to watch the Mariners is in person! Tickets can be purchased through the team’s website or at the stadium on game day. Be sure to arrive early to enjoy the pre-game festivities and music.

No matter which way you choose to watch the Seattle Mariners game, be sure to cheer them on and enjoy every pitch of the game. Go Mariners!



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