how to watch miami dolphins games out of market

how to watch miami dolphins games out of market

How to watch Miami Dolphins games out of market

Watching your favorite Miami Dolphins team when you don’t live in the market area can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there are some options available to help you stay connected and access your favorite NFL team.

Cable or Satellite TV

The best way to stay up-to-date on the latest score and highlights of the Dolphins games is to have cable or satellite TV. This will typically come with an NFL season ticket, giving you all the games in HD quality.

Streaming Services

Streaming services such as NFL Game Pass and Sling TV offer great options for NFL fans living out of market. Both services provide access to live out-of-market NFL games, including the Dolphins.

Social Media

The most popular way to stay up to date on game day is social media. Both Twitter and Instagram are great outlets for engaging with Dolphins fans from around the world. The Dolphins even have their own official app, where you can find game highlights, videos, and more.


Radio is a great way to access Miami Dolphins games. You can find stations broadcasting the games online, or even tune in to your local radio station. Most stations also have pre and post-game coverage to keep you informed.

Other Options

There are a few other options to watch Miami Dolphins games out of market:

  • Subscription Services: A subscription service such as the NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL RedZone will give you access to all the games, including the Dolphins.
  • Tailgating: If you don’t live too far from the Dolphins’ home stadium, you can always stop by for tailgating on game day to get your fill of game-day action.
  • Online Search: You can always search for alternative sources of Dolphins games online. You may be able to find a fan-run streaming channel or a local sports channel broadcasting the game.

No matter where you live, you can always keep up with your favorite Miami Dolphins team with the right tools and resources. Enjoy the game!



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