how to watch packer game in london

how to watch packer game in london

How to Watch the Packers Game in London

If you’re an American football fan with a thirst for global travel, you can catch the Green Bay Packers live in action in London! Here’s how:

1. Find a Bar

Search for nearby bars that might be showing the game. Some pubs may charge an admission fee—but they’ll likely provide a fun and authentic atmosphere where you can cheer on your favorite team with other Packers fans.

2. Gather Supplies

You’ll need a few items like:

  • Food: Grab some snacks, chips, and other munchies that you can enjoy as you watch the game.
  • Drink: With some pubs, you can bring your own drinks or buy them from the bar.
  • Merchandise: Show your support for the Packers by wearing a jersey or hat!

3. Tune In

When the game starts, be sure to tune in to the live broadcast on TV or online. You can often find a stream that’s broadcasting the game in high-definition quality.

4. Show Some Team Spirit

Rally your fellow fans and cheer on the Packers with chants and classic fight songs! The more passionate you are, the better the atmosphere will be.

5. Celebrate Victory

If the Packers pull off a win, be sure to celebrate with your fellow fans and congratulate them on a great game.

Catching a Packers game in London can be an unforgettable, thrilling experience. With a little bit of effort and enthusiasm, you can have a great time and show your support for your favorite team!



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