how to watch packer games without cable

how to watch packer games without cable

How to Watch Packer Games Without Cable

Are you a passionate Packers fan but don’t want to pay for a cable subscription? The good news is there are ways of watching the green and gold without forking out for a cable TV package. Here we look at a selection of options to get you closer to the action.

Live Streaming Services

Live streaming services such as Amazon Prime and YouTube Live offer access to both live games and on-demand options, meaning you can watch the games in your own time. They also provide coverage of many other sports, letting you enjoy plenty of other action.

NFL Game Pass

The NFL’s own streaming service, NFL Game Pass, offers an unrivalled level of coverage of both live and on-demand games. This service also provides extra content such as post- and pre-game analysis, as well as reviews and articles, so you can get deep into the action without even switching on the TV.

Access Through a Digital Antenna

If you want to watch the games live, your best option is to use a digital antenna, which you can connect to your TV through a coaxial cable. This allows you to gain access to a range of channels and networks, depending on your location.

Buying Single Games

Another option is to buy single games off services such as iTunes, Google Play, or Vudu, which provide good, quality streams. Prices are usually reasonable and it’s a great way to catch the games you can’t get access to elsewhere.


It’s great to have multiple options to watch the Packers without cable. Here are the highlights to consider:

  • Live Streaming Services: Amazon Prime and YouTube Live
  • NFL Game Pass: Unrivalled coverage
  • Digital Antenna: Access channels on your TV
  • Single Games: Quality streams from iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu

Hopefully one of these will get you closer to the action without having to subscribe to a cable TV package.



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