how to watch seahawks game in germany

how to watch seahawks game in germany

Watch the Seattle Seahawks Game in Germany

With the NFL having some of the most popular sports teams and games in the world, it is no surprise that many people want to know how to watch the Seattle Seahawks game in Germany. Fortunately, there are some options available to make this possible!

How to Watch on TV or Online

  • Streaming Services: Some of the most popular streaming services offer subscriptions where you can watch NFL games live and on-demand, regardless of your location. Most notably is DAZN, which offers a wide variety of NFL games for viewers in Germany.
  • Cable: Every game broadcasted in the US will be available through cable services and can be seen in Germany. You may need to switch your cable service provider from satellite to cable to have access. Be sure to contact the provider for further information.
  • NFL Game Pass: This online streaming service offers access to more than 135 games for NFL fans in Germany. It also offers NFL RedZone, which will provide every Seahawks game nationally broadcasted.

Where to Watch Hawks Games

  • Sports Bars: Sports bars all over Germany offer the Seattle Seahawks game live. Some sports bars may even offer discounts, specials and other promotions to watch the Seahawks play. If you want to watch the game among other cheering Seahawk fans, the sports bar is the best option.
  • Cafes: Some cafes and other sports bars have televisions that air NFL games, and Seahawks games are no exception. If you don’t feel like going to a bar, you can always find a cafe with a television and watch with friends or family.
  • Private Venues: Another popular option to watch the Seahawks game is to rent a private venue. This is a great option for watching with a group of friends or family and is a great way to cheer on the Seahawks in the comfort of your own space.


Whether you live in Germany or are just visiting, you can watch the Seattle Seahawks game with ease. From streaming services and cable to cafes and sports bars, there are plenty of options available. So go out and cheer on the Seahawks in Germany!



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