how to watch the 49er game

how to watch the 49er game

How To Watch The 49er Game

Being a 49er fan is a great thing but sometimes, it’s not always easy to watch the game. Whether you live in San Francisco or otherwise, you still have some options when it comes to watching the team you love. Here are the steps on how to watch the 49er game:

1. Traditional Television

If you’re watching from home, chances are you can get the game on traditional television. In the San Francisco area, you can catch all 49er games on local NBC and CBS affiliates as well as the NFL Network.

2. Cable or Satellite

If your cable or satellite provider offers NFL Sunday Ticket, you should be able to watch the game on your television. The service is particularly helpful for those who live outside of the San Francisco area and don’t have access to traditional broadcast coverage.

3. Online Streaming

If you’re away from home or don’t have a traditional television option, you can stream the game online. Many streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime offer NFL games. You can also use the NFL app or the 49ers app to watch the game online.

4. Radio Broadcast

If you’re unable to watch the game on television or online, you can always listen to the radio broadcast. The 49ers official website has a list of radio stations that you can tune into to listen to the game.

5. Social Media

If all else fails, you can still catch up with the game on social media. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all great places to find out what’s happening with the 49ers.

If you’re a die-hard 49er fan, there is always a way to stay connected to the team no matter where you are. Make sure to follow these steps to watch the 49er game and keep up with the action.

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